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Benefit from our suite of state-of-the-art surgical dermatology services

There are more than 11,000 dermatologists in the United States. Unlike other medical professionals, dermatologists possess varying skills, training, and technologies to prevent, diagnose, and manage conditions related to skin, hair, and nails. From our West Palm Beach, Florida office, Exclusive Dermatology provides a uniquely high level of service and care to our valued patients and neighbors. 

Our distinguished board-certified dermatologist and board-certified Mohs micrographic surgeon, Dr. Steven Rotter, sets the tone. He has acquired considerable expertise and experience in dermatological surgery over a nearly 40-year career. In fact, Dr. Rotter has performed more than 45,000 reconstructive procedures and other surgeries. These extensive surgical capabilities allow us to provide interventions that are not available at other dermatologists’ offices. This distinction in surgical proficiency also supports the safest, most comfortable, and most pleasant experience, as well as optimal outcomes that achieve and exceed patients’ goals following their respective procedures.

There is no individual quite like you, and we celebrate, acknowledge, and cater to your one-of-a-kind features, characteristics, and preferences. So, any interventions are also unique and personal to you and your situation. With that being said, we have provided a glimpse into some of the surgical services available at our office for stand-out and exceptional dermatology care: 

  • Skin cancer – Dr. Rotter has developed a particular interest and competency in diagnosing and addressing cancerous growths of the skin. Depending on what he finds, following a professional and routine skin check and upon further investigation, surgical excision or removal of the cancer may be recommended. There are a variety of therapies available to today’s skin cancer patients. The specific type of intervention depends on the type and “stage” or extent of the cancer’s growth.  
  • Precision Mohs micrographic surgery – Dr. Rotter completed a fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania and has completed the rigorous requirements necessary to attain board certification in this “gold standard” procedure to resolve certain types of cancers. MMS may be appropriate for patients with specific cancers in highly visible or “functionally important” areas that have recurred or feature uneven edges, rapid growth, and other complexities. 
  • Surgical excision – Growths do not have to be malignant to be a source of concern or to stand between you and your highest quality of life. For instance, some moles may be in cosmetically significant areas. At the same time, cysts and other benign growths can expand in size and eventually interfere with mobility or brush up against clothing and cause discomfort. Additionally, these situations can increase your risk of infections and other complications, adversely affecting your skin and systemic health. Dr. Rotter also performs scar revisions to eliminate lasting reminders of past acne outbreaks, surgeries, injuries, and other traumas. 
  • Reconstructive surgery – Dr. Rotter’s career is built on a solid foundation of performing even the most complex reconstructive surgical procedures. He is also equipped to perform these services on the same day following skin cancer surgery. 

As a provider of complete dermatological surgery services, Exclusive Dermatology also offers an array of laser-assisted and cosmetic surgical procedures. These procedures include liposuction, eyelid rejuvenation with blepharoplasty, and endoscopic brow lifts. Laser surgery is also a highly targeted and minimally invasive way to soften wrinkles, improve the appearance of redness and visible blood vessels, and rejuvenate the skin overall. 

Find out how you can benefit from our distinctive suite of surgical services today by calling our West Palm Beach, FL office at (561) 561 SKIN (7546). We welcome your questions and look forward to meeting you!

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