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Benefit from precision Mohs Micrographic Surgery, the most effective way to treat certain complex skin cancers

Our own Dr. Steven Rotter at Exclusive Dermatology in West Palm Beach, Florida, is among a select group of around 1,500 highly trained surgeons in a particularly precise and effective form of skin cancer therapy: Mohs Micrographic Surgery.Dr. Rotter has performed over 45,000 Mohs Surgeries and Reconstructions. You can trust Dr. Rotter’s additional and considerable credentials; his decades of experience are complemented by dual-board certification as a dermatologist and in the MMS process. 

Traditionally, surgical interventions to “cure” skin cancer involved removing both the visible cancer as well as a small amount of surrounding (yet otherwise healthy) tissue simultaneously. 

MMS presents a far less invasive and far more targeted alternative to conventional surgical removal of cancerous growths. The American College of Mohs Surgery, of which Dr. Rotter is a member, reports that MMS also has an unprecedented rate of successfully treating certain skin cancers – up to 99%! Pioneered by its namesake, Dr. Frederic E. Mohs, in 1967, this precision approach may be appropriate for individuals with:

  • Recurrent skin cancers
  • An elevated risk of recurring cancer
  • Aggressive, extensive, and otherwise hard-to-treat cancers
  • Cancers in cosmetic areas, such as nose and hairline
  • Cancers in areas that support critical, basic functions – such as on the soles of the feet – where tissue preservation is particularly important
  • Cancers that lack clearly defined edges or borders
  • Comorbidities that make them a higher risk patient, i.e., those with lymphoma or who have undergone organ transplants

The reason “why” MMS is considered to be so precise is that it involves properly trained, board-certified surgical dermatologists like Dr. Rotter progressively removing cancer cells, one layer of skin at a time until no cancerous cells are seen under the microscope and upon microscopic evaluation. This process allows us to verify that all cancer cells have been removed and to do so in a way that minimizes the loss of tissue during surgery. 

MMS is considered to be an attractive approach for patients due to both the high cure rate and maximal tissue preservation, as well as our capacity to minimize the number of additional procedures. That means less time “chairside” and more time is afforded to getting back to “you,” enjoying life again without fear and focusing on a fast and healthy recovery. Additionally, due to the Mohs technique’s less invasive and precise nature, we can perform surgery comfortably on an outpatient basis and with no more than a localized anesthetic.  

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MMS is a “technically challenging” procedure. So, selecting an experienced and highly skilled dermatologic and Mohs micrographic surgeon like Dr. Rotter is important. Dr. Rotter’s surgical expertise goes back more than 30 years. He also has extensive practical experience and technical knowledge of an array of complementary and advanced surgical procedures and alternatives, including reconstructive surgery. All of these onsite capabilities add up to successful and predictable treatment outcomes and a stress-free and comfortable experience. We strive to truly be your one and only destination for all of your evolving skin health needs. 

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