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Endoscopic Brow Lifting to Restore a Youthful Brow Position

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Reset the clock with precision, conservative endoscopic brow lift surgery.

The eyebrows “frame” is a central feature of your face. So, the position and appearance of this feature dramatically enhance or significantly detract from your eyes and overall facial aesthetics. Fortunately, Exclusive Dermatology of West Palm Beach, Florida, has the considerable capabilities to “lift” the brow to a youthful and attractive position. Furthermore, our board-certified dermatologist and board-certified Mohs micrographic surgeon, Dr. Steven Rotter, uses special techniques to precisely and conservatively rejuvenate this portion of your face. With more than 45,000 surgeries and a nearly 40-year career to Dr. Rotter’s credit, you can trust our extensive expertise.

Get to know the endoscopic brow lift. 

Generally, this surgical procedure elevates the eyebrows. In doing so, lines on the forehead are softened, and the periorbital region around the eyes opens up. This intervention may be recommended to address age-related changes. As one ages, the skin and soft tissues tend to lose their elasticity. This can result in the eyebrows falling and a shorter distance between this feature and the eyelashes. 

Additionally, due to laxity, wrinkles and folds may become more prominent. Since this part of the face speaks volumes without saying a word, when your eyebrows appear droopy, you may be telling the world that you are perpetually angry, sad, and tired. This likely does not match how you feel inside! Surgical intervention helps boost the position of the brows, restoring them to a more pleasing and youthful appearance that better conveys who you actually are and your healthy vibrancy. 

Skilled specialists like Dr. Rotter perform the brow lift with an endoscope. Endoscopy has a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic medical applications and generally involves inserting a tube into the area being altered or examined. This endoscope is equipped with a specialized light and camera. We use these features to visualize internal structures, tissues, and organs. This supports predictable and successful outcomes from the procedure and only requires a few small skin incisions. In addition, endoscopes may support other instruments, which are further used to remove and otherwise manipulate tissues.

What to expect

No two patients are alike. So, no two experiences with the brow lift and complementary or alternative procedures are the same. Notably, various techniques may be performed to ensure your goals are reached safely. We can also discuss any changes to medications and other behaviors (such as smoking) to support a healthy recovery and to prevent complications such as bleeding. Due to Dr. Rotter’s skill, risks of scarring and other undesirable effects are minimized. For example, the endoscopic approach minimizes scarring with comparatively small incisions that also sit in a well-hidden area behind the hairline and generally within natural creases. 

Our team at Exclusive Dermatology is here to support you throughout every stage of your healing journey. As you recover, it is essential to adhere to any after-care instructions provided by Dr. Rotter. Additionally, you must follow through with follow-up visits to our office in West Palm Beach, FL. To support lasting results from surgery, it is also essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get into a good skincare routine tailored to your needs by our dermatologist. Call (561) 561 SKIN (7546) to schedule your personalized consultation today.

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