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Resetting the clock with versatile, highly customizable, and age-defying chemical peels

As time marches on, cell turnover declines. Dead cells build up on the surface of the skin. Environmental factors, notably ultraviolet radiation from the sun’s rays and artificial sources, can hasten this process. Your skin may no longer look as radiant as it once did. Formerly smooth, soft, and even-toned skin can make way for discoloration and a dry, leathery texture.

These and other signs of aging and sun damage can be effectively treated with an array of skin resurfacing techniques at the Exclusive Dermatology office of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Steven Rotter in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Versatile chemical peels

Chemical peels are among the most versatile aesthetic treatments. Numerous solutions may be tailored to a patient’s specific needs and personal characteristics, such as their skin type. These solutions are formulated with skin-loving ingredients. When applied by professionals, they safely encourage a beneficial healing process. The outermost damaged layers of the skin are removed. Fresh, unblemished skin cells are brought to the surface. Your complexion and overall skin quality are improved. 

Peels are generally classified as “light,” “medium,” and “deep.” These classifications refer to how far the solution penetrates the skin. While deeper peels can facilitate dramatic improvements with fewer treatment sessions, they are also associated with greater demands on the body for healing, downtime, and recovery. Lighter peels are largely lower-risk but may require more treatment sessions to get the desired results. Light to medium peels may be well-suited to patients with: 

  • Uneven pigmentation or brown “age spots”
  • Dry, thirsty skin
  • Acne 
  • Fine lines 
  • Scars 
  • Deeper wrinkle

Deeper peels can address more serious signs of aging and sun damage, including deep folds and pre-cancerous growths (actinic keratoses or AKs). Again, not every patient is a good candidate for a deep peel, nor do they desire to take more time off work to allow their skin to heal. Regardless of your specific needs, goals, and preferences, rest assured that your procedure is in exceptional and safe hands. 

We will review everything to expect throughout the process, as the experience varies depending on the type of peel recommended to you. We will also work with you to minimize the risks of undesirable side effects and to help prolong the dazzling results from treatment. 

We welcome your questions about chemical peels and the wide range of nonsurgical therapies available at Exclusive Dermatology to bring out your unique and beautiful best. Call our West Palm Beach, FL office today at (561) 561 SKIN (7546).

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