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Finally, put acne behind you with tailored scar therapy

Long after your last breakout, reminders of acne can linger. Acne leaves both emotional and physical scars. Fortunately, trusted scar therapy is available at Exclusive Dermatology. True to our name, the remedy is customized to your one-of-a-kind needs. Effective removal of scars starts with an evaluation performed by our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Steven Rotter, at our office in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Finally, put acne behind you

Not everyone with acne gets scars. But it’s estimated that around 30% of those with severe pimples and cysts do develop scarring. Damage occurs as new collagen is produced to heal the injured tissue. Additionally, recommended procedures depend on factors such as the type of scar. Not all acne scarring is alike. Scars may be characterized as:

  • Atrophic or depressed scars, including ice pick scars that look like deeply pitted areas in the skin
  • Raised acne scars, including hypertrophic or firm nodules and keloids, which are large thickened areas of skin 

Scars can appear less noticeable over time. But they rarely go away on their own. With professional intervention, Dr. Rotter can dramatically improve the appearance of your scars. The transformation that occurs as scars fade or go away is more than skin deep; patients’ pride in their appearance is restored, and they gain newfound self-confidence. 

Approaches designed exclusively for you

Dr. Rotter will also account for characteristics such as your skin tone and the number of scars when developing restorative plans. Skin resurfacing with lasers may be appropriate for certain patients. 

The damaged skin cells are removed as focused light from the laser is delivered to the scarred area. Fresh cells are promoted. The energy from the laser also generates heat. The production of new, firming collagen is triggered in the underlying skin. This healing process ultimately smooths the skin. Depressed scars look less noticeable. 

Skin may be resurfaced through other means, too, such as chemical peels. Potential therapy alternatives also include dermal fillers to “fill in” depressions. For raised scars, procedures include everything from medications to surgical excision of keloids. 

A renewed outlook awaits

We look forward to partnering with you to bring out the best in your skin and the “rest of you”! Call (561) 561 SKIN (7546) to schedule your consultation at the West Palm Beach, FL office of Exclusive Dermatology today.

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